Cape Verde new 200-, 1,000- and 2,000-escudo notes confirmed

B217 (PNL): 200 escudos (US$2.40)
Red, purple, and yellowish-green. Front: Map of Fogo; bunch of grapes; doctor and writer Henrique Teixeira de Sousa; embossed pen nib. Back: Bunch of grapes; Pico do Fogo stratovolcano. No security thread. Watermark: None. Printer: (TDLR). 124 x 63 mm. Polymer (Safeguard).
a. 5 de Julho de 2014. Signature 8. Intro: 23.12.2014.

B219 (PNL): 1,000 escudos (US$12)
Blue, purple, green, yellow, and pink. Front: Holographic patch with musical notes and bird in flight; vine; seashore; composer and musician Codé de Dona (real name Gregório Vaz) playing accordian; embossed bird. Back: Bird in flight; musician holding ferrinho, a musical instrument typical of funaná genre; sun and birds in flight. 4-mm windowed security thread with demetalized BCV 1000 and vine. Watermark: Codé de Dona with electrotype vine, and Cornerstones. Printer: (TDLR). 136 x 66 mm.
a. 5 de Julho de 2014. Signature 8. Prefix EJ. Intro: 23.12.2014.

B220 (PNL): 2,000 escudos (US$24)
Peach, light blue, brownish-red, and green. Front: Feet as registration device; musical notes on staff; singer Cesária Évora; embossed turtle. Back: Violin; sun over ocean; feet. Holographic stripe with demetalized microphone and musical notes. 4-mm windowed security thread with demetalized BCV 2000 and microphone. Watermark: Cesária Évora with electrotype microphone, and Cornerstones. Printer: (TDLR). 142 x 71 mm.
a. 5 de Julho de 2014. Signature 8. Prefix GM. Intro: 23.12.2014.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (, Thomas Augustsson, and David Bonczak.