Lebanon new 50,000-pound polymer commemorative note (B540) confirmed

According to a press release dated 22 July 2015, on 1 August (Army Day) the Banque du Liban will introduce a new 50,000-livre polymer note commemorating 70 years of the Lebanese army.

B540 (PNL): 50,000 livres (US$33)
Blue, green, brown, and red. Front: Two soldiers in silhouette; coat of arms; soldier carrying Lebanese flag. Back (vertical): Monument to martyrs in Yarze (headquarters of the Lebanese Ministry of Defense); soldier saluting in silhouette; stalk of wheat. Simulated security thread with demetalized BDL. Watermark: None. Printer: (TDLR). 140 x 77 mm. Polymer.
a. 2015. Signature 12. Intro: 01.08.2015.

Courtesy of Claude Akl (www.dekeneh.com).