Paraguay stolen 50,000-guaraní note (B850a) confirmed

The Central Bank of Paraguay reported that six boxes containing 250,000 new 50,000-guaranies notes were stolen during shipment by sea between France (where they were printed by François-Charles Oberthur) and Uruguay. The notes carry a “C” serial number prefix, have “50 MIL” in the upper left-hand corner, feature an intaglio-printed star below the watermark area, and are dated 2005 between the signatures or Ramon Arréllaga, Gerente General and Monica Perez, Presidenta. They were intended to enter circulation in early December 2006, but in response to the theft the Central Bank has canceled the emission of the “C” series in this denomination. The total value of the theft exceeds US$2.3 million.

Some of these notes entered circulation before the theft was made public and are beginning to surface in the collectors’ market at prices up to US$200. Krause assigned this note Pick 231, but the listing in the current SCWPM shows the wrong image and has the date incorrect as 2007. Furthermore, the SCWPM is also wrong indicating that P232 is dated 2008 (it’s really 2007), and that it was not released.

Courtesy of Central Bank of Paraguay.