Royal Bank of Scotland's new 5- and 10-pound notes to use DLR's Safegaurd polymer substrate

According to a press release dated 7 September 2015, security printer De La Rue announced that the Royal Bank of Scotland's new design 5- and 10-pound banknotes will be issued on DLR's Safeguard polymer substrate. The new notes will be smaller than the existing ones (P352 and P353) and be completely re-designed with new themes and portrait subjects. The designs will be partly revealed in the coming months and, in line with other UK issuing authorities, it is planned that the new 5-pound note will be issued in the second half of 2016 with the 10-pound note to follow in 2017.

Commented David Wheldon, chief marketing officer at the Royal Bank of Scotland, “The move to polymer notes will bring significant benefits to all those who use them. They will be smaller, cleaner and more secure. We are grateful for De La Rue’s assistance with this important project.”

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.