Scotland green 1968 1-pound note reported

Collector Kevin Forbes has reported an interesting Bank of Scotland note dated 17th JULY 1968 (Pick 109a) with serial number prefix A/1 which is predominantly green in color as opposed to the “correct” color ochre as listed in the SCWPM, seen on the same notes with serial number prefix A/3 below. Both notes are scanned on the same equipment using the same settings, so the color variance as shown is true. The question is whether this is a unique error note, or if the bank subtly changed the color of this denomination over time to distinguish it from the green 5-pound note of the same series. Anyone who collects Scotland is encouraged to check their notes for examples close to the A/1 0250641 serial number to determine if there are other notes that exhibit this color scheme. If anyone has an explanation, please share your theories by posting a comment.

Courtesy of Kevin Forbes.