Cuba issues new convertible peso series dated 2006

On 18 December 2006, the Banco Central de Cuba issued new convertible peso (CUC) notes. The front of each denomination remains similar to the previous family (Pick FX37 - FX45), which will be gradually withdrawn from circulation. Instead of the national shield which appeared on the backs of all denominations in the previous family, the new notes have individualized backs. Furthermore, an electrotype watermark of the denomination has been added to the watermark portrait of José Martí and BCC appears as a latent image. 150 x 70 mm.

1 convertible peso, 2006. Dark green, tan, and yellow. Monument to José Martí in Havana. Death of José Martí in combat atop horse at Battle of Dos Rios on back.

3 convertible pesos, 2006. Red, pink, and light green. Monument to Ernesto Che Guervara in Santa Clara. Battle of Santa Clara: tank, derailed train, and soldiers with grenade, machine gun, and rifle on back.

5 convertible pesos, 2006. Green, orange, and yellow. Monument to Antonio Maceo in Havana. Protesta de Baraguá: Cuban general Antonio Maceo Grajales and Spanish captain general Arsenio Martínez de Campos y Antón in hammocks on back.

10 convertible pesos, 2006. Brown, blue, and green. Monument to Máximo Gómez in Havana. Revolution Energetica: electric power plant, pick-up truck, and linesman on back.

20 convertible pesos, 2006. Dark blue, light blue, and yellow/green. Monument to Camilo Cienfuegos. Operation Miracle: eye doctors performing surgery and passengers deplaning a jet on back.

50 convertible pesos, 2006. Purple, orange, and yellow. Monument to Calixto García in Havana. Marchers carrying flags and banners that read “Trincheras de Ideas Valen Mas Que Trinchera De Piedra” and “La Batalla de Ideas” on back.

100 convertible pesos, 2006. Red, orange, and bright yellow. Monument to Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA): satellite dish, map, woman and man reading, oil refinery on back.

Courtesy of Banco Central de Cuba.