Uganda new serial number format on 1,000-shilling note confirmed

On 27 August 2009, the Bank of Uganda announced that it would introduce a 1,000-shilling (US$0.50) note with a modified serial number format on 1 September 2009. The notes are like the current note of the same denomination (Pick 43), except that they carry serial numbers with a single prefx letter followed by seven digits, instead of the preceding two-letter prefix followed by six digits.

According to Raimondi Otim, deputy director of the currency department at BoU, “This is just a slight change in the numbering only, but the security features and the colurs of the notes remains the same. This development does not mean that the old Shs1,000 banknotes have ceased to be valid. The new Shs1,000 banknotes will be in circulation alongside the old banknotes,” he said.

Courtesy of Richard Miranda.