Chile new 2,000-peso note (B297) confirmed

On 6 October 2010 the Central Bank of Chile unveiled its new 2,000-peso (US$4.15) banknote. This polymer note was issued 17 November 2010. On front it features a portrait of lawyer and guerrilla leader, Manuel Rodríguez Erdoíza, as well as a stylized corazón del copihue (heart of Chilean bellflower). The back of the note depicts Reserva Nacional Nalcas in the Araucania region, with a volcanoe and a choroy parrot. The 2,000-peso notes is the fourth member of the new family of notes which started with the 24 September 2009 introduction of the 5,000-peso note, and will be complete with the 2011 introduction of the 1,000-peso note.

Courtesy of Thomas Krause.