Tanzania Pick 20a: Does it exist?

In trying to complete my catalog chapter for Tanzania, I have managed to compile images of every note type and variety with the exception of Pick 20a. According to the SCWPM, this 200-shilling note was issued in 1992 with the modified portrait of President Ali Hassan Mwinyi (see P20b with signature 8) and signature 7 of Cleopa David Msuya and Gilman Rutihinda (shown taken from P18b).

I have searched every web site and dealer inventory list I have at my disposal and yet have never been able to find Tanzania Pick 20a. So, is this yet another example of Krause including a listing for a note that doesn’t exist as described, or can someone please confirm it was actually issued by emailing a scan of same? I welcome any and all input or leads for a definitive answer.