Indonesia new 10,000-rupiah note confirmed

On 20 July 2010, Bank Indonesia began issuing new 1,000-rupiah coins and 10,000-rupiah (US$1.10) notes. The coins have a picture of Garuda Pancasila on the front, and the angklung traditional musical instrument on the back against the background of the Gedung Sate building in Bandung.

The new 10,000-rupiah note is similar to the preceding issue, but the overall color has changed from reddish purple to a bluish purple, and several security features have been revised:

• Additional security elements in the form of rainbow printing in a pentagon shape, which has the effect of changing color (rainbow effect) when observed from certain angles, on the right-hand side of the main image;

• Additional small red (Omron) rings filled in white scattered on the right-hand side of the main image;

• A change to the blind code, consisting of a circle that was previously invisible, which is now visible and noticeable to the touch (intaglio printmaking), positioned on the right-hand side of the main image;

• Discontinuation of Optically Variable Ink in the shape of an octagon, which changed from green to blue when viewed from different angles. Instead opting for the BI design logo framed by an ornament from the Palembang region, which does not change color (offset printing), positioned on the bottom right-hand side of the note.

Courtesy of Bill Stubkjaer.