Tunisia new 20-dinar note (B537) confirmed introduced 21.12.2017

B537 (PNL): 20 dinars (US$8.10)
Red. Front: Arabic text; denomination in circular gold SPARK Live; Farhat Hached. Back: French text; aerial view and close-up of Roman amphitheatre in El Jem; Corinthian column. 4.5-mm wide Rapid windowed security thread with demetalized 20 DINARS BCT. Watermark: Farhat Hached with electrotype 20. Printer: Unknown. 153 x 76 mm.
a. 2017-7-26. Sig. 10. Prefix E/1. Intro: 21.12.2017.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana and Dmytry Nevmyvako.