Dominican Republic new 200-peso note issued 01.10.2012

According to an article on Noticias Sin dated 16 September 2012, the Central Bank of Dominican Republic will issue a 200-peso (US$5.10) note with portions of the design changed in color from gray to green on 1 October to avoid confusion with the existing 50-peso note. The existing 50-peso (PNL) and 200-peso (P178) notes are shown above. The video accompanying the article shows the new note dated 2009, with DE LA RUE imprint, and the denomination spelled out as PESOS ORO. This is curious because the bank has issued three other notes dated 2011 denominated in PESOS DOMINICANOS, and apparently the Constitution of 26 January 2010 mandated the change of the name of the monetary unit.

Courtesy of Thomas Krause.