Maldives new 5,000-rufiyaa commemorative polymer note (B222) confirmed

According to the Maldives Monetary Authority press release dated 26 July 2015, the MMA has introduced a 5,000-rufiyaa note (US$330) commemorating the 50th anniversary of independence. This is the first denomination in a new family of seven banknotes printed on DLR’s Safeguard polymer substrate. The other circulating denominations—10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 rufiyaa—will follow from October 2015 onwards (the existing 5-rufiyaa note will be replaced by a coin).

B222 (PNL): 5,000 rufiyaa (US$330)
Light blue and gold. Front: Combination of people, trees, buildings, and boats symbolizing growth and development of the northern seashore of the capital city of Male’ over 50 years. Back: Large central 50 inside of which is depicted the signing ceremony in which Maldives officially gained independence on 26 July 1965; interwoven background signifying the uniqueness, craftsmanship, heritage, and Islamic customs retained by Maldivians. Printer: (TDLR). 165 x 80 mm. Polymer (Safeguard).
a. 2015/AH1436. Signature 4. Prefix MF. Intro: 26.07.2015.