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The following are just some of the glowing testimonials about The Banknote Book written by collectors and dealers around the globe:

“The Banknote Book is a masterpiece in this field and certainly second to none. Every serious collector must have it.”—Ömer Yalcinkaya

"Just subscribed and after viewing the first couple of books I can only use the word 'stunning' to describe the contribution you have made to banknote enthusiasts."—Tom Kutta

"Owen's work exhibits the integrity and dedication that has been blatantly lacking in world paper money publications for the past few years. I am convinced that Linzmayer's work will take this hobby to levels that were only dreamed of a few years ago. The low prices of his on-line catalogs represent an unbelievable value."—Tony Pisciotta

“I have found The Banknote Book to be simply the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date catalogue available today for each country's banknote issues.”—Tim Ceney

"I thank you for all your efforts with this project - it is simply, well, fantastic! I use the books often as references when buying notes and purely for pleasure reading. Whenever I look through the new books something catches my eye and I end up buying something from them. It is also wonderful to be able to see good prints of rare notes that I would probably never otherwise get to see - that alone justifies for me all the work you are doing."—Keith Allen

"Since getting my subscription (and hard copies) of The Banknote Book, I have been continually impressed with its content, clear imagery and accuracy. Although Owen's monumental project is far from over, I feel the time has come to throw away my copies of the SCWPM (1960 - date). In fact it was enjoyable putting them in the recycling so they can have a second and better life!"—James Cadman

"Congratulations on an absolutely superb publication. I have enjoyed every minute of browsing through the individual countries. It has been a massive journey of discovery, showing up many gaps in my collection of which I was unaware."—Rex Hilligan

“The Banknote Book is a catalog for the 21st century.”—Jan Ove Larsen

“It gives me great pleasure to be associated with The Banknote Book. I have had only good feedback from collectors who I have talked to with reference to the content of each chapter issued so far. I fully recommend it to collectors.”—Arthur Gearing, De La Rue consultant archivist

“The Banknote Book is the first catalog which clearly describes and identifies all the notes which are or should be in my banknote collection. The Banknote Book is essential for every serious banknote collector, and it's an excellent value, too.”—Paul Thompson

“Each chapter of The Banknote Book is a trustworthy companion in exploring a country's paper money and also its history and culture.”—Takis Kouvatseas

“The Banknote Book goes well beyond my expectations. The graphics, layout, signatures, descriptions, presentation, source references, and more are truly appreciated. The Banknote Book far surpasses Pick and other general reference works. Keep up the great work!”—Russ Smith

“Subscribe today to The Banknote Book and weep at the previously unknown gaps in your collection or pick up the challenge and help to expand the knowledge base of your specialist areas of interest.”—Chris Hall

“The Banknote Book is a must-buy for all who collect banknotes by date or signature.”—Mike Jowett

“This is really so fantastic. The Banknote Book changes the whole dynamic of collecting. Instead of waiting 18 months for a printed catalog, you are updating it constantly. Wonderful.”—David Plenkenpol

“At last a serious person is working to produce an accurate banknote catalog. It is desperately needed and deserves the support of all.”—David Laties, Educational Coin Company

“The Banknote Book is truly the most accurate, most detailed, most colourful, most consistent, most dynamic, best designed, and continuously updated catalogue on earth. I look forward to receiving each week's revised chapters and the newly added countries. You will be amazed, this is a must-have masterpiece!”—Erwin van den Buys

“For many years I struggled with the many errors and lacunae in the Pick catalogs. When I learned of The Banknote Book, I did not hesitate to subscribe. My expectations were high, but the results top everything: no errors, no lacunae, all banknotes are shown complete and in color. What more can a collector wish for?”—Robert Mol

“The Banknote Book is an invaluable tool for collectors, updated and precise. Full-color images provide a glimpse of those notes scarcely seen on the collectors market.”—Roberto Cacciamani

“An amazing piece of work. The color allows you to easily pick out finer details, the images of signatures make for easy identification, the listings are up-to-date, and the prices are current. I highly recommend The Banknote Book to everyone collecting world notes.”—William Fife

“The Banknote Book, a concentrate of accurate and complete information, is one of the best events ever for us enthusiastic collectors.”—Frederick Martin

“I wholeheartedly recommend The Banknote Book. It contains a wealth of information useful for collectors such as myself.”—Jon Ashelford

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