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The Banknote Book's numbering system has been simplified.

Prior to July 2015, note numbers were prefaced by abbreviations for the issuers.

For example, Iraq GOI B1, NBI B14, and CBI B55.

In July 2015, issuer abbreviations were eliminated.

To ease the transition to the simplified system, almost every existing type number remained unchanged except for the addition of a multiple of 100, resulting in each note from a given country having a unique 3- or 4-digit number.

For example, Iraq B101, B214, and B355.

Each chapter now begins with a table showing the starting numbers for each issuer, making it easy to find the correct number for any given note.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.22.22 AM

Furthermore, you can download the free spreadsheet which cross-references both the new and old numbers to each other as well as Pick.

Please be aware that the numbers are simply unique identifiers with absolutely no encoded data.
Lower numbers do not necessarily correspond to earlier notes and leading digits do not indicate issuers, for example. Rest assured that care has been taken to assign the appropriate starting numbers so that there is room to accommodate new issues and discoveries of unlisted older notes.

How to reference The Banknote Book numbers
Collectors, dealers, auction houses, grading services, and numismatic authors are encouraged to use The Banknote Book numbers whenever possible, but please adhere to these style guidelines to ensure standardization.

  • "The Banknote Book" title should be spelled out in full upon first usage, but thereafter can be abbreviated TBB (not BNB).
  • The country name should be spelled exactly as it appears on the cover of the corresponding chapter in The Banknote Book.
  • Type numbers always begin with the capital letter B immediately followed by a 3- or 4-digit number (no hyphen or other punctuation).
  • To designate a particular variety, simply append the lower-case variety letter(s) to the type number (no hyphen or other punctuation). For example, Iraq B101as.