Q: When will the XYZ chapter of The Banknote Book be published?

A: We do not have a schedule for publishing particular chapters that extends beyond the next few weeks. Some countries are much more challenging to complete than others due to the large number of notes to be cataloged, as well as the difficulty in obtaining information about and images of rare issues. However, rest assured that we intend to cover every country eventually and already have working drafts of all countries, past and present.

Q: Is The Banknote Book available in print?

A: Yes. Select chapters can be ordered in print directly from Lulu.com or Amazon.

Q: How do you establish the prices for notes in The Banknote Book?

A: This catalog does not set prices for notes, it merely reports them based upon the results of recent live and online auctions from data compiled by Track & Price World Paper Money. Prices are exclusive of shipping, handling, and taxes, but do reflect buyer’s premiums paid at auction, where appropriate. Pricing is subject to change with fluctuations in currency exchange rates (all values are shown in US dollars at time of writing), and there may be significant differences between the price of a given note on the world market versus the value of a note in its local country due to differences in supply and demand.

Some notes lack pricing in some or all grades simply because they rarely come up for sale. A dash in the price grid does not necessary mean that a note is particularly rare or valuable, merely that reliable pricing information isn’t available. For example, specimen notes may be sold in sets, making prices of individual specimens difficult to determine.

Q: What happens when my subscription expires?

A: You will receive an email reminding you to renew 10 days prior to expiration, then another reminder 24 hours prior. If you let your subscription lapse, you will receive a final email notifying you of that fact.

As a lapsed subscriber, you can log in to the customers-only web site, but none of the chapters will be available for downloading in the Content Shelf tab until you click the Subscriptions tab, then click the Renew Now button and pay for restored access to all the content. If you choose not to renew your subscription, all previously downloaded PDF files are yours to keep and enjoy, though you will no longer be entitled to revisions or new chapters.