El Salvador chapter release candidate now available for review

Please log in to Greysheet to access the El Salvador draft chapter of The Banknote Book which we intend to publish in the near future (this release candidate is available exclusively to subscribers).

If you wish to help, search the chapter for “TK” to spot items that are missing but are hopefully “to come” prior to publication. If you can answer the questions posed or provide missing info, please do.

We’re particularly interested in obtaining images of missing notes, as well as determining the actual dimensions of all notes.

The checkboxes indicate varieties that have been scanned (X), those that have been confirmed (/), and those that are unconfirmed (empty). If you own notes that have a slash or empty checkbox, please send complete front/back 300-dpi scans of same. Likewise, if you own a note that’s in better condition than the one illustrated, please send 300-dpi scans so that the image can be “upgraded.”

If you spot any errors or omissions, please send an email with your comments about what you think should be corrected or added. It’s most helpful if you refer to specific notes by their numbers (avoid referring to content by page numbers, as they may change).

Keep in mind, subscribers are under no obligation to do anything, but your prompt reply is appreciated. If you have no comments, no response is expected.

Thanks for everyone’s help in creating this chapter. We look forward to releasing it publicly after any changes have been made as necessary.


  1. This is not workable. The image is too small, I need a full size downloadable copy.

    1. Author

      I don’t understand what you mean by image is too small. The draft chapter is formatted exactly as all other published chapters.

      1. Since a chapter can no longer be downloaded, the only way to check a chapter is to view it on the website. That is impossible, the image on the website is too small to check an entire chapter using the ‘magnifying glass’.

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