Guinea new font variety 1,000-franc note confirmed

1,000 francs, 1 MARS 2010. Like BCRG B33a, but 3-mm (not 4-mm) tall prefix letters in vertical serial number at right and different font in horizontal serial number at left (B33a, top; B33b, bottom). Also, Cornerstone watermarks removed, possibily indicating someone other than DLR printed the new variety.

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn.

Guinea new date (2012) 5,000-franc note confirmed

5,000 francs, 2012. Like BCRG B30a (P41), but new date.

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Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (

Guinea new 10,000-franc note confirmed

According to a press release, on 9 July 2012 the Banque Centrale de la Republique de Guinée issued a new 10,000-franc (US$1.40) note dated 2012, similar to the preceding issues (BCRG B32), but red instead of green, and with a holographic patch to the right of the portrait on front.

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Courtesy of Abdullah Beydoun.

Guinea new date (2012) 500-franc note confirmed

500 francs (US$0.01), 2012. Like BCRG B28 (P39), but new date.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Guinea new date (2012) 100-franc note confirmed

100 francs (US$0.01), 2012. Like BCRG B24 (P35), but new date and new prefix/serial number font.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana and Thomas Augustsson.

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Guinea new 1,000-, 5,000-, and 10,000-franc commemoratives confirmed

At a press conference on 20 November 2010, Alhasanne Barry, governor of the Banque Centrale de la République de Guinée, unveiled new 1,000-, 5,000-, and 10,000-franc (US$0.15, 0.70, and 1.45, respectively) banknotes to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Guinean currency. In addition to the 50th anniversary logo on the watermark area, the new notes have enhanced security features, additional intaglio printing, and a varnish for additional durability.

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Courtesy of Abdullah Beydoun and

Guinea new signature variety 500-franc note confirmed

I’m researching an interesting 1998 note variety for Guinea. As you can see, both 500-franc notes (Pick 36) shown below are dated 1998. However, the note with the AO prefix has a signature variety that’s different from the signature combination on the note with the FB prefix. The odd thing about this discovery is that the second combo is found on all other denominations in the 1998 series, as well as the 1985 series before it, and the 2006-present series.

The SCWPM doesn’t include any mention of signature varieties for Guinea, but my new catalog does. I have seen it on the 100-franc note from 1998 (prefix AT), but not on the 1,000- or 5,000-franc notes (both AA). So, if you have this (or any other previously unlisted variety) signature on other notes, please send me 300-dpi scans of same.

I’d also appreciate any help in explaining this short-lived signature combination, as well as identification of the signatories by name.

Finally, I notice that the 15th edition of the SCWPM has drastically dropped the values for Guinea specimens P13-P15 as well as P20-P28. If anyone has any thoughts on the accuracy of the new pricing, I’m all ears.

Courtesy of Rui Manuel Palhares.

Guinea revised 10,000-franc note confirmed

10,000 francs (US$2)
Green, blue, and brown. Front: Young girl; coat of arms; three shells and pineapple. Back: Field with trees; “Lady of Maali” rock formation on Mount Loura. 3-mm red-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized 10000 GNF. Watermark: Young girl, electrotype RG, and Cornerstones. Printer: TDLR (w/o imprint). 153 x 78 mm. 2008. Signature 4.

This note is very similar to 2007 type, but with subtle changes to the design on both sides.

Courtesy of Andrew Roberts.

Guinea issues new date (2006) 1,000- and 5,000-franc notes

P37b: 1,000 francs (US$0.20), 2006. Like Pick 37, but new date, Cornerstone watermarks, and smaller size. 139 x 68 mm.

P38b: 5,000 francs (US$0.90), 2006. Like Pick 38, but new date, Cornerstone watermarks, and smaller size. 151 x 76 mm.
Courtesy of

Guinea revised (2006) 500-franc note confirmed

500 francs (US$0.10), 2006. Like Pick 36, but new date, Cornerstone watermarks, solid security thread, full bleed color (no white borders), and smaller size. 133 x 63 mm.
Courtesy of

Guinea issues new 10,000-franc note dated 2007

10,000 francs (US$2.55), 2007. Issued June 11, 2007. Green, blue, and brown. Portrait of young girl at left, arms at center, three shells and pineapple at lower right. Field with trees in background at center, “Lady of Maali” rock formation on Mount Loura at right on back. Watermark of a young girl with the letters RG (Republic of Guinea), 3-mm red-to-green windowed security thread printed GNF 10000, registration device, UV printing, and signatures (unknown, MINISTRE DES FINANCES; Aboubakar Kagbe Toure, GOUVERNEUR BANQUE CENTRALE). 153 x 78 mm.

Courtesy of Ronny Hick.