Guernsey new signature 1-pound note confirmed

Like P52c, but new signature (Bethan Haines). Prefix X.

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Guernsey new signature 10-pound note confirmed

Like P57c, but new signature (Bethan Haines). Starting serial number F 600001. Replacement notes: Prefix Z.

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Guernsey new 1-pound TDLR commemorative note confirmed

According to an article on ChannelOnline, on 4 July 2013 the States of Guernsey began selling 300,000 1-pound notes to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Thomas de la Rue's first commercial venture. This commemorative note is like the preceding normal issue for this denomination, but enhanced by a design featuring Thomas de la Rue on the back and a TD/LR prefix. It is also the first series of 1-pound notes to feature the signature of States Treasurer Bethan Haines. The notes are sold at double face value, plus £8 S&H.

Courtesy of Pam West (, Philip Martin, and Jan Stuller.

Press release: The Banknote Yearbook 8th Edition


Guernsey new 20-pound Diamond Jubilee commemorative note confirmed

The States of Guernesy have issued a 20-pound (US$31) banknote to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. The notes include the prefix QE60, a commemorative laurel wreath, and additional wording. The back remains the same as the preceding regular issue of this denomination. A total of 150,000 of the notes have been issued and will circulate alongside the current £20 note. Uncirculated notes can be purchased through the Guernsey Philatelic Bureau at Envoy House ( The notes have been designed and produced by De La Rue Currency, a company started by Guernseyman Thomas De La Rue in the 19th Century.

Courtesy of Shibu Paul and Pam West.

Guernsey new signature 20-pound note confirmed

Pam West, a dealer who specializes in British notes, sends word that Guernsey has issued a £20 (US$32) with the signature of Bethan Haines as CHIEF ACCOUNTANT. The first prefix is C900001. The note is like Pick 58, but the wording on the back is darker, the righthand underprint is moved 5 mm to the right. The note has a new 1.4-mm StarDust windowed security thread and a new watermark with a larger portrait which has more contrast. Also there are Cornerstone watermarks in the four corners. The Guernsey Fresian is depicted as a shape in silver foil, overprinted with Intaglio ink. The undated note bears a new imprint of DE LA RUE. According to visitor Kai, this note was introduced 04.06.2009.

Courtesy of Pam West.