Solomon Islands issues new $100 and revised $2 notes

On September 2, 2006, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands issued the nation’s first ever $100 note, as well as a revised $2 note. The $100 note honors the country’s rural sector, according to a speech given by CBSI governor Rick Hou. The $2 note is similar to Pick 23, but is now printed on paper, polymer having proven to be disappointing in regards to color retention.

Pick 29: 100 dollars (US$13.10), ND (2006). Issued September 2, 2006. Light brown, red, and peach. Falcon head wmk, flag, windowed security thread, coat of arms, holographic security emblem, and registration device. Coconut harvesting, palms, ray on back. 160 x 72 mm.

Pick 25: 2 dollars (US$0.25), ND (2006). Issued September 2, 2006. Like Pick 23, but printed on paper, no commemorative seal, flag and pole added to left of center, and novel serial numbers. 140 x 70 mm.

Courtesy of Morris Lawing.