Argentina new 50-peso note confirmed

The Banco Central de la República Argentina has issued a 50-peso note in tribute to the defense of national sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands (Falklands), South Georgia, and South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime spaces.

PNL: 50 pesos (US$10)
Blue, green, pink, and yellow. Front: Lighthouse as registration device; sun gold-to-green SPARK patch with denomination; plants; bird; maps of Malvinas Islands and South America. Back: Antonio “El Gaucho” Rivero holding Argentine flag atop rearing horse; Darwin Cemetery with crosses and flowers; modern warship, ARA General Belgrano; coat of arms; lighthouse. Holographic windowed security thread with demetalized BCRA $50 and Malvinas Islands. Watermark: Malvinas Islands and electrotype IM. Printer: S.E. CASA DE MONEDA. 155 x 65 mm.
a. No date. Signatures: Alejandro Vanoli and Dominguez. Suffix A. Intro: March 2015.

Anyone interested in buying one of these notes can contact the contributor by clicking the link below.

Courtesy of David Murcek (The Monetary Unit), Lawrence Honaker, and Laszló Juhász.