Uruguay new 100-peso note signed by a woman confirmed

According to a Banco Central del Uruguay (BCU) press release dated 11 January 2011, Presidente Mario Bergara presented a new set of coins with designs based on native animals, and announced that a new series of notes began circulating. The notes are unique for Uruguay in that they are the first to carry the signature of a woman, Secretaria General Elizabeth Sonia Oria.

The only note depicted in the press release is the 100-pesos uruguayos (US$5) denomination, which is like P88, but dated 2011, series F, and printed by De La Rue instead of G&D, which printed the 2006 and 2008 dated notes from series D and E, respectively. However, MRI has reported that the following denominations will be issued when stocks of the current series are depleted:

20 pesos uruguayos Serie F 2011 Printed by De la Rue
50 pesos uruguayos Serie E 2011 Printed by De la Rue
500 pesos uruguayos Serie D 2009 Printed by Oberthur
1,000 pesos uruguayos Serie D 2011 Printed by Oberthur

Additional information and images are requested.

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