Members sought for new South African banknote collectors' society

I have recently been contacted by Andre du Toit, who is trying to form a new society of collectors of South African banknotes. Please read the following and write directly to Andre if you are intersted in joining.—OWL

Dear fellow banknote collectors,

For those who don’t know me please let me introduce myself.

My name is Andre du Toit. I live in South Africa very close to the Oliver Tambo (Johannesburg) airport.

I was a member of the South African Banknote Society (now defunct) where I also served as the Secretary.

I am also the Regional Director of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) for Region 5, which includes other African countries.

The reason for this writing is to start a new Banknote Society which will be called THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN BANKNOTE SOCIETY. The exact demographics will be determined by the members at a later stage.

There is currently no official collectors forum for banknotes in South Africa that I am aware of.

My idea is to run this society as the IBNS does: totally electronically. All communications, voting, etc. will be done via the Internet.

For those of you who are not familiar with the IBNS, please visit and see what it is all about.

At this stage, membership will be free, but we may have to charge a small fee at a later stage to cover the website. I am currently negotiating with the IBNS to make use of a website similar to theirs.

Furthermore I will try to get sponsors to finance the website.

All I need from you at this stage is to let me know whether you would like to become a member of the new Society. Thereafter I will send you application forms.

The current interest is 76 people.

If I have failed to contact anyone that you know that may be interested in joining please, forward this letter to them as well.

The main objectives of this Society will be:

  • To foster and maintain the art of banknote collecting;
  • To assist and keep each other informed about new issues and older ones;
  • To get a swop or want list going;
  • To become a chapter in the IBNS and participate in their programmes

This list will be much longer than above as we go along.

This Society will be properly constitutionalised with a management team which will be elected by the members.

Just to get the ball rolling I have appointed myself as the Secretary. This can be changed at a later stage when a committee is elected.

Please let me know about your decision at your earliest convenience.

Thank you

Andre du Toit