North Korea new 5,000-won note confirmed

According to an article in The Hindu Business Line dated 11 August 2014, the portrait of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea, has been removed from the new 5,000-won note in favor of the birthplace of Kim Il Sung in Mangyongdae, with the back depicting the International Friendship Exhibition building in Myohyang-san.

DPRK B57 (PNL): 5,000 (won)
Brown and pink. Front: Coat of arms; trees; houses (birthplace of Kim Il Sung) in Mangyongdae; five-pointed star within a star. Back: International Friendship Exhibition building in Myohyang-san. Solid security thread with printed text. Watermark: Mongnan (Seibold’s magnolia) flowers. Printer: Unknown. 145 x 65 mm.
a. 2013. Intro: 2014.

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Courtesy of Danny Verheij, Mark Irwin, Alex Klark, and Noteshobby.