Ghana new date (01.07.2014) 1-cedi note confirmed

1 cedi, 1st JULY 2014. Like BOG B45e, but new date. Prefix FU - GE.

Also, the format of the horizontal serial number at left front has changed subtly. The top image shows the normal progression from small to tall characters forming the 7-digit serial number, which could be expressed as 1123456, meaning the first two digits are the same size, and then each subsequent digit is a little taller than the preceding. This is the novel formatting used for 1-cedi notes dated 2007-2013, the 5-cedi notes dated 2007-2011, and all other denominations from 2007-2014.

The bottom serial number is from the 1-cedi note dated 2014. As you can see, the format of the serial number is 1223456, meaning that the second digit is taller than the first. This format also is used on the 5-cedi notes dated 2013 and 2014.

It's unknown why the format of the serial number has changed. The prefixes haven't run through the entire alphabet.

Courtesy of Marco Fragel and Sejin Ahn.