Testimonial from a subscriber to The Banknote Book

Working on The Banknote Book can be exhausting, but I get recharged every time I receive feedback from a subscriber such as the following. Check out this page for more testimonials from actual subscribers.-OWL

Dear Owen,

Just to inform you about my two days at the Maastricht banknote show. For the first time, i was not carrying the heavy World Paper Money catalog from Krause with me, but my mini laptop [with The Banknote Book PDFs].

I had downloaded the countries you have described until now. It was heavenly. The right pics, the right prices, (however i have some remarks, but that will come later) and all the notes which are new on the market!

Thank you so much for all the work you are doing. I cannot wait until other countries come out.

All the best from the Netherlands,

Ton Lameijer, Pecunia Banknotes