I started BanknoteNews.com to provide a forum for presenting breaking news about international paper & polymer money because I couldn't find anything like it on the Internet. While it is a lot of work to maintain, I have the pleasure of collaborating with avid collectors, dealers, and central bankers the world over to help spread current, correct, and comprehensive news and images about the very latest developments in this entertaining and educational hobby.

Owen W. Linzmayer
San Francisco, CA
United States

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P.S. I am member 7962 of the International Bank Note Society and encourage everyone with an interest in the hobby to join today. I am also member 1512 of the Latin American Paper Money Society, open to all of who share an interest in collecting the banknotes of Latin America, formally defined as the region of the Americas where romance languages (i.e., those derived from Latin), particularly Spanish, Portuguese and French are primarily spoken.